Building a Backyard Chicken Coop

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All of us know the perks of having a dog and cat, the love, devotion and loyalty that comes with being a pet owner. But when it comes to pet chickens you will be amazed to know that they are:

More entertaining & more rewarding

Less money & less maintenance

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop can become a family affair in a couple of minutes and trust me; you will enjoy raising these small creatures. What other creature can you house in your backyard that provides you with eggs, entertainment and hours of amusement?

At this time you are obviously considering building a hen house and are only looking for a little extra push or possibility those last minute pointers. I congratulate you for choosing to construct one as apposed to purchase one. Most people believe buying one is the faster, easier choice, when in fact it is really not. The pre-made built ones have to be put together, and that in itself is always a job, as we all know, just reading the directions can cause high blood pressure. Not to mention with a house build coop you have more options, more independence and the capacity to design it around your requirements.

That being said I will stop wasting your time and provide you the low down on what you must consider before getting your tools out and purchasing some possum control.

Build it bigger than you think you’ll need.

Make sure it gets plenty of natural sun light

Create a secure reliable run for your pets

Build enough nesting areas which are comfortable and large enough for your chickens

Make the food / watering area with easy access for you as well as the chickens

Keep in mind, with a little additional effort in the beginning stages of building your hen house you may make your backyard coop an easier to maintain, low stress and much more peaceful atmosphere for your pet poultry. Also understand that the more relaxing and more peaceful surroundings you build for the chickens, the fitter the birds, and healthier birds means fitter, larger egg yield.

Happy egg laying and great luck!

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