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There are some fun as well as interesting skateboarding facts out there that you might not be aware of. The very first skateboard was released in 1950 and it was an instant hit. But it featured a handle bar like scooters do now. It took several years until they were made without this portion of it to have the basic style that we are knowledgeable about today.

While skateboarding is well known across the world, it may surprise you to learn that over half of all skateboarders are in California! This is due to a lot of things such as the love of surfing there. Skateboarding is quite similar in nature with the exception that one occurs in the water and another takes place on property. Since the climate is nice year round in California, it is also a sport people are able to get involved in any time of the year. California is also one area that promotes skateboarding instead of making it tough to enjoy in certain areas.

There are less than 500 skateboarding parks found in the United States. Many of them have just been built within the past 10 decades. One reason for the increase is due to the information about how children will need to be motivated to work out more. Since skateboarding is a great form of exercise, these skate parks offer a place to do it. Another reason for them is that many communities want to offer their youth a place to have fun without using alcohol or drugs.

However, they are extremely expensive to construct. On average, it is going to cost $40 per square foot to construct one. Many communities justify it by saying it keeps youth from engaging in negative behaviors. The cost of the law enforcement, courts, and fixes from those types of behaviors will be far more than paying for a skating park.

The position for it moves a couple of spots either direction annually. Right now it sits at #6 which is something to be very proud of when you think about all the other forms of sports which could fill up these top 10 positions.

In fact, skateboarding has been one of the fasting growing sports in the United States. Many experts believe this is due to the introduction of the X Games. It is also do to the fact there’s so much choice out there when it comes to skateboards and the accessories to use.

The body part that is most commonly injured when skateboarding are the wrists. This is why it’s essential to wear wrist guards. Yet this is the one accessory relating to skateboarding security which most people don’t use. Another simple fact is that a large part of these injuries are thought to be caused by someone riding on a skateboard that isn’t designed to maintain their level of body weight. Over 80,000 people are seen by medical professionals yearly due to accidents while on a skateboard.

The youngest individuals were 2 years old. He had always wanted to take part in it but his parents didn’t let him. He determined it was one adventure in life he definitely wanted to encounter.

There are plenty more great skateboarding facts and data out there too. Learning about them is a excellent way to fully understand this sport. You can even show off for your friends when they realize exactly how much you happen to know about this fabulous sport.

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