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Your wedding is a serious and monumental occasion. But your reception is meant to be carefree and exciting. Make your wedding favors a match to this joyous moment in your life. This listing of wedding favor ideas will allow you to jump start your reception planning.

Disposable Cameras

Placing a couple of disposable cameras at each table in the reception hall has become a popular practice during the past decade. The wedding guest will spend their time in the reception dancing, drinking, eating and clicking. Pictures of all sorts will be taken, capturing the night’s excitement. As the bride and groom, you will get to see your wedding from several different perspectives. After the honeymoon has ended and you have had time to settle into a new life together, the images can be developed. Carefully and tastefully, as a couple you’ll be able to sift through the photos and create a slideshow. Send it out in a mass email to your family and friends. This way everyone gets to share in the amazing memories of your wedding.

Silly Key chains

There are several different styles and themes to choose from. If you’re having a tropical wedding there are key chains shaped like flip-flops. A spring wedding, pick out some flower key rings. All these are waiting to be engraved with your names and wedding date. Every time your guests jingle their keys, they will think of you.

Personalized Stickers

Yep, stickers. Make some with funny jokes about the wedding couple or goofy facts about how you, the happy couple, met. They will be adhered to people when they’re dancing, on cups and on table cloths, creating a laugh riot. Not only is it a fun way for the guests to disperse additional joy throughout the reception, it also gives everyone an insight into your love for one another.

Themed Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Diabetics (secretly they love it.) . Hershey makes mini chocolate bars with wrappers ready to be personalized. You can put a photo of yourselves on them or set small quotes that relate to the wondrous moment. Let your imagination be the boss. These yummy sweets will bring a sweet smile to everyone at the reception.


Aw, bubbles, how they bring us back to a simpler time, when soapy water floating in the air was magical. On a day as fantasy fulfilling as your wedding, the tingle of magic will be in the atmosphere. Tap into that feeling with bubbles. From your grandparents to the little children running around, everyone will be blowing bubbles and popping them in the atmosphere. They’re fun and romantic, not to mention an inexpensive way to amp up the fun.

Tin Mints

It’s the 1930s all over again. A disc shape tin filled with mints might appear archaic but is kitschy and trendy. Like the candy, goofy statements and images can easily be fitted onto the tops. The tins will last more than both the chocolate wrappers and the stickers, but still offer the same level of enjoyment. The tins are an affordable favor for the wedding on a budget.

Gift Bags

A silly wedding prefer to give away at the end of the night is a gift bag. Pack each bag full of goofy gifts from the dollar store. You’ll keep your visitors in an elevated mood once the reception ends. There is no restriction on the fun you can put in these bags, and it will not ask you to sell the farm.

This is merely a starter guide that will help you brainstorm some ideas for your wedding.

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